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Parish Brief History

Before Establishment of the Parish

In the 1970s, Chinese Catholics living in Edmonton were gathered by Sr. Gertrude Kwan to form the Chinese Catholic Community. Once a month on Sunday, they would attend a bilingual Sunday Mass celebrated by an English-speaking priest in a Catholic Church near to Chinatown. In May 1982, Fr. Francisco de Assisi Lau, a Salesian priest, was assigned by the Hong Kong Salesian Provincial Superior to take up the pastoral mission in Edmonton. The same Catholic Community at St. Patrick Parish continued to have one Sunday mass celebrated in Chinese (Cantonese) every week.

Under the leadership of Fr. Lau, working groups were formed to take care of different aspects of the community: spirituality development, communication and relationship with parishioners. The community registered as a formal entity after a year.

In September 1984, the Edmonton Salesian Chinese School was established. The objective is to provide Chinese language and cultural education for the local Chinese children, and evangelization and outreach to the Chinese Community at large. Classes are held every Saturday morning in a Catholic school that was run by the local Salesians. The school celebrated her 20th anniversary on the in 2004.

In the following year, Fr. Lau set up the Building Committee and started raising funds for the purpose of acquiring a permanent building for the community. In June 1986, with approval of Archbishop Joseph MacNeil (Archbishop of Edmonton), an agreement was signed for the purchase of the Hungarian Catholic Church in Chinatown (10665-98 Street) with a seating capacity of about 250. The community was renamed Mary Help of Christians Chinese Catholic Church.

Renovation was carried out in the following year. On May 23, 1987, the church was consecrated by Archbishop MacNeil who also proclaimed the Church to become the Chinese Catholic Parish and Fr. Lau as the first Pastor.

After Establishment of the Parish

In June 1991, Fr. Lau was assigned to Los Angeles, U.S.A after serving the Chinese Catholics in Edmonton for nine years. Fr. Joseph Ho S.D.B. succeeded him as the new Pastor of the Parish.

During the following years, more and more Chinese immigrated to Edmonton and the number of parishioners also increased. But capacity and facilities of the Church were barely sufficient and the building itself was quite wore out.

With the support of many parishioners, and together with endorsement from the Edmonton Archdiocese and Salesian Society in Canada, a Building Committee, consisting of experts from different fields was setup to search for a more suitable site for a new Church. Eventually, a suitable building was located not far from downtown, which then belonged to the Knight of Columbus. The transaction took place in January 1997.

Reconstruction of the building was carried out in two stages and the whole project was completed in two years. The Edmonton Chinese Catholic parish moved into this building located at 10140-119 Street in September 1998. On November 22nd in the same year (Feast of Christ the King), Consecration of the new Church was officiated by Archbishop Joseph Mac Neil.

Number of parishioners has now increased to about 400 families. At present, three Sunday Masses are celebrated every weekend: two in Chinese (Cantonese) and one in English . Three Sunday school classes are conducted. There are also three formation groups for parishioners of different age and they meet once a month. There are also preparation class for children of suitable age to receive their first communion and confirmation. An adult catechism course (RCIA) is run annually for adults who are interested in or looking forward to take up the Catholic belief. More than twenty working groups have been set up with enthusiastic parishioners serving the whole community.

The Chinese Catholic Parish will celebrate her 18th anniversary in May 2005. During the last two decades, this community has made tremendous progress from a “homeless” situation to the present condition. For all these, we have much to be thankful for – the gracious love from our almighty heavenly Father; guidance and help from our Blessed Mother, Mary Help of Christians, and the care and assistance from the Edmonton Archdiocese and Salesian Society.

We welcome you to be part of our family and share this great gift from our Lord!

Parish Facilities

The whole building including an ample parking lot occupies an area of 40,000 sq. ft. The upper floor holds a sacred and majestic but outstanding by its simplicity newly built church which offers 450 sears, together with a small chapel and sacristy. Whereas the office, library, large and small conference rooms, kitchen, entrance, lobby and a multi-purpose hall with a 600-people capacity are all on the ground floor. At the back of the Church is an open parking lot with 60 parking spaces. The small house next door serves as the Rectory.

The multi-purpose hall is an ideal environment for many large scales or sport activities, such as weekly Tai Chi, social dancing and badminton classes. Sunday Cafe is in service about once a month. Annual functions include Chinese New Year Carnival, Parish annual retreat during Lent, Parish Patron Feast Day Celebration in May, summer sports tournament, Christmas celebration, New Year eve countdown party and gatherings of different nature.

Parish Services

The mass schedule is here. For detail on any other services please inquire the office (baptism, wedding, RCIA, mass with special intentions, sunday school).












七零年代,一群在愛民頓居住的華人天主教教友,在關愛寶修女召集之下,組成天主教教友會,每月其中一個主日在唐人街(97 Street) 附近的聖伯德烈堂,由說英語的神父主持中英雙語彌撒。
翌年,劉神父發起成立『籌建華人聖堂小組』,努力籌募得十多萬加元。一九八六年六月,得到教區麥若瑟總主教批准之後,以十六萬加元購得位於106 Ave 接98 Street,原屬於匈牙利族裔,可以容納二百多人的聖堂,並命名為瑪利亞進教之佑華人天主堂,即是以聖母瑪利亞為聖堂的主保。


在接茠漕潀~時間內,擴委會竭盡綿力、辛勤工作,新堂的第一期及第二期改建工程終於完成。華人天主堂在九八年九月搬遷到現時位於10140 – 119 Street的新聖堂,並於十一月廾二日(基督君王瞻禮日),由麥總主教主持祝聖新堂大典。








彌撤時間可參考這裡. 其他服務請向辦公室查詢 (聖洗,慕道,特別意向彌撤,主曰學).